'Spurs relegation a blessing in disguise'

Witbank Spurs
Witbank Spurs
Witbank Spurs CEO Freddy Mabulane believes the relegation of the Emalahleni-based side is a blessing in disguise as it will help them start things afresh.
Siyavutha, the oldest team in the National First Division, finally met their demise on the weekend when they lost to Ubuntu Cape Town. 
"Eh for us as Witbank Spurs management, it's sad, really sad," Mabulane tells KickOff.com.
"It was not an easy day or normal day in the office on Saturday after our game against Ubuntu. But then... one can say it's a blessing in disguise. You know I feel personally there were lots of players that have overstayed in the team that should have maybe played somewhere else by now. 
"I think maybe it's time to start afresh and face life, and prepare for a new life in the ABC Motsepe League... we will go and compete in the ABC Motsepe. We know it's not an easy league, you hear people say there's a lot of corruption there. But as Witbank Spurs we will go down and prepare our team. 
"If we can manage to keep 20 percent of the team that we have, and get more under-23s I think we will be able to bounce back. Not maybe undermining the other teams that are in the ABC but we already had a meeting with the chairman over the weekend to try and see how we are going to approach it. But we are going down there, and we will be competing. 
"I mean Witbank Spurs have been there in the ABC Motsepe, it's not going to be a new thing for us. I think we've got experience of doing that, we are capable of doing that. Remember Witbank Spurs didn't buy any status, we got to NFD by winning promotion and by that time it was still more difficult than now. 
"If we can assemble a good team, a young team, surely we will be able to compete. If Acornbush can disappear for a while and come back within their first season, why can't we do it? It's not going to be easy but it's doable."
What really went wrong this season?
"Look, people can say whatever because people can always talk. We don't worry much about people that are outside of the team. People will talk about salaries but the fact of the matter is we didn't start well," he explains.
"If you check the previous seasons for Witbank Spurs, we never started badly like we started this season. So that was a sign, but we kept hoping that things will improve, things will improve, but the chopping and changing of the coaches I think somehow somewhere had an affect on our results.
"We started with Russell Gumbo of which he said he will win this league but he didn't know South Africa, he never coached in South Africa, so when he recruited players, he recruited players not knowing the league. 
"I think we gave him too much time to build this team, and he built a team that was not okay to compete this season. So our foundation for this season was not  good. Remember when you build a house, if the foundation is not right, that house will crack. So that's what happened to us, it's a lesson to us."
Mabulane says even though they are already relegated, they are still going to approach their remaining matches with a willingness to win.
"Look we are a professional team. At the moment we have to respect our league, so we are not going to make favours for anyone. We are not going just to lie down. We are approaching our game as normal," he added.
"Remember some of these guys that we have still have to go and play for their contracts somewhere else so it's important for them to win and play well. We are going to fight in the last two games."