Stanley Menzo emphasises Ajax Cape Town need for points


“What was more important was that the players get some game-time. Playing is always far better than training. The players were up against a good opponent [Stellenbosch] and in such training games, they are tested in game situations, with a referee and offsides and everything that goes with a proper, competitive match.

“In this way, they learn more because they have to react to the game situations they find themselves in.”

“At this stage of the season, every point is important,” Menzo added. “It’s very tight, so just one or two wins and you move up quickly.

"But we still have to do it. Every team in the same position as us is fighting, so we just have to deal with it.

“The big problem at the moment is goals. Ball possession is important, but it has to end in creating chances or in goals. That is something we at Ajax Cape Town have to learn – when you are in control of the game, you must finish,” he concluded.