Steve Komphela warns PSL clubs not to hire Luc Eymael


Golden Arrows coach Steve Komphela has urged PSL club bosses not to bring Luc Eymael back to the country, for various reasons.

Komphela went in hard on Eymael at the post-match press conference following his side's 1-1 draw with AmaZulu on Saturday.

Eymael has been tipped as a candidate to replace under-pressure Usuthu coach Cavin Johnson, and when the possibility of the Belgian's return to the PSL was brought up, Komphela was having none of it.

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"That one must not come to South Africa," said Komphela, who is known to have beef with the former Polokwane City and Free State Stars coach.

"I'm not being disrespectful but Luc must just take his position. Luc must not come to South Africa. This guy is disrespectful to people tremendously, and this nation would be so naive and very close to stupid if they were to allow such a man to come work here [again].

"[Don't]... give a man respect and resources that belong to our country, when he thinks so little of us, this man put an ultimate on two teams in South Africa that 'in two weeks if you don't employ me'... then what about his employers first? He insulted Free State Stars and both clubs where he said they must employ him.

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"Don't bring Luc Eymael here. When Luc Eymael comes back to South Africa, we will go back to history, we will unpack history. The truth will come out, he must stay where he is, but if people want to learn more about history, they must bring him back.

"Diplomacy must be minimal. I don't have ethics if I look for your job while you are still employed [referring to when Komphela was in charge at Kaizer Chiefs and Eymael was linked with the position].

"I've got no respect and ethics when your boss asks about your game and you say 'but your team plays rubbish'. No, what I say in private must easily be said in public and what I say must stay private if I can't say it in public. So the honourable lord must stay wherever he is, and don't be apologetic."

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Komphela added that if Eymael decides to post something on Twitter, he will respond because it's about time they teach the Belgian respect.

"If he posts something intelligent, I will respond to him."

The Arrows coach also jumped in to defend Johnson when he was avoiding questions over his future at AmaZulu.

"What Johnson is saying, go back and check what George Bernard Shaw once said regarding a pig," he philosophised.

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"Where he said never ever try to wrestle with a pig because when you fight the pig smiles. The beauty of it is you're getting dirty, so sometimes when you're getting into the mud for certain issues, some you have to ignore, but this one had to be addressed.

"He [Johnson] chooses to ignore, keeping his white shirt so he cannot mix with the mud."