Story Behind My Nickname: Massaro


Matsau says he was given the nickname because of his ability to strike the fiercest shots.

It was this ability to strike the ball that made the then former South Africa Under-20 head coach Shakes Mashaba refer to him as Italian legend Daniele Massaro.

"I got the name by bra Shakes Mashaba," Matsau tells KickOff.

"Daniele Massaro was the underrated player in that Italian team, people only liked the Roberto Baggio's of this world, but Massaro was very clinical in the box.

"I trialled at the Under-20 national team as a right-back, but instead I insisted to the coaches who were there that I was a striker.

"I was tested if I was a striker, I scored a hat-trick at training, they tried me for three times and they were satisfied with what I did upfront, I was playing in the lower division that time (now ABC Motsepe League).

"I was hitting shots those days my brother, I was killing goalkeepers, I was turning once and shoot.

"Then Bra Shakes said to me 'No boy you are really a striker, you are the Daniele Massaro of this team.'

"I asked him who is this Massaro guy you keep calling me coach?

"Then he told me this guy was playing for Italy and he was wearing number 19 that time.

"I gave myself time to watch him play and his movement was very good.

"I was not a skilful player, but I was also good with movement around the box so the nickname suited me."