'The day a Tokoloshi stopped a football match'


Mayoyo revealed how the referee on the day made it clear there won't be any match taking place up until Usuthu "olumabheshu ankone" removed their "12th player" on the field.

"I'm referring to the Usuthu and Pirates game that was postponed," Mayoyo tells KickOff.

"Shadreck Biemba was in goals for AmaZulu for that particular match, and the referee was a white guy, Stan Swaart, with his linesmen being black guys.

"The game was about to start when Swaart starts counting the AmaZulu players... 8, 9, 10... and in goals 11, 12.

"Because he is a white person he was able to see another short goalkeeper, a midget, standing next to Shadrack Biemba. It was a tokoloshi.

"The linesmen and players couldn't spot the tokoloshe because we were all black people.

"We were in Durban and Stan Swaart runs to Shadrack and says 'Shadrack, remove this second goalkeeper!'

"That's how the game was postponed because the second goalkeeper was too stubborn, he didn't want to leave the field, instead the tokoloshi said Shadrack should be the one leaving the field not him.

"The referee's whistle blew three times, Tswe!tswe!tswe! Match Abandoned."