Prostitution fears spark teenage ban


In response to the caution, the Ghana Tourist Board has issued a warning to all hotels and hospitality centres to guard against providing shelter for prostitutes.

The security agencies are also on high alert to arrest and deal with any group or individuals that are in the country not for the tournament but to engage in sex selling.

The Child Rights International and the Enslavement Prevention Alliance of West Africa say there is the potential for the exploitation of children for prostitution if proper structures are not put in place to ensure that the Child Rights International went as far as to ask tournament managers to turn anyway anybody below the age of 18 from any of the stadia during the tournament.

“The hotels should ensure that people they suspect of coming in purely for sexual reasons are not allowed in," Martin Mireku, executive direct of the GTB said.

“We expect the hotels to see themselves as agents in this direction to help the cause because anyone caught disregarding the conduct in this direction will be dealt with.”

Mireku added that food vendors and ‘chop bar’ operators have also been warned and educated on improving their standards.

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