PSL clarify arbitration ruling


On Monday, the Arbitrator in the SABC-PSL case ruled in favour of the League, dismissing the complaints laid by the Public Broadcaster with regards to the new television deal signed with SuperSport International.

However, certain media reports have indicated incorrectly that the ruling would have a negative effect for fans across the country. The reports state that there would be less television coverage of local soccer on the SABC.

“That is certainly not true,” Khoza says. “We have a tripartite agreement with SABC to broadcast our matches on free-to-air and look forward to developing and sustaining a better PSL product on our national television channels.

“Our national broadcaster will remain one of our stakeholder partners in football and some teams in the PSL have already opened negotiations with the SABC, at this point for their radio rights,” added the league chairman.

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