Real Madrid still tops world's richest clubs list


According to Deloitte’s Football Money League, which is based on revenues generated during 2006/7, the list was headed by United for eight years until the Spaniards deposed them.

Chelsea are fourth in Deloitte’s table, even though the Blues regularly make huge losses. Arsenal are fifth. In all, there are seven British clubs in the top 20 positions.

However, three of the four clubs that dropped out of the list were also British - Manchester City, Rangers, and West Ham United.

The list shows that at the upper end, the game's riches continue to be monopolised by the same group of clubs, with only one change in the top 10 from the previous season.

That change only came about because Italian giants Juventus played in the second-tier League Serie B during 2006/07, and they were replaced in the Deloitte top ten by Roma.

Deloitte’s figures take into account income from ticket sales, merchandising and broadcasting contracts but do not include transfer revenues and does not calculate profitability.

Between them, the collective revenue of the top 20 clubs - which are all European - grew by 11 percent to R38-billion in 2006/07, the highest rate of growth since 2002/03.

Real Madrid retained its crown as the world's wealthiest club, in terms of sales, in a season when it clinched the Spanish championship under Fabio Capello, and with David Beckham in the team.

Manchester United leapfrogged Barcelona and Juventus, moving into second place, in a season when they won the Premier League, reached the Champions League semi-final, and FA Cup final.

The 10 richest clubs are:1: Real Madrid2: Man Utd3: Barcelona4: Chelsea5: Arsenal6: AC Milan7: Bayern Munich8: Liverpool Inter Milan AS Roma