Reason for Igesund's red card


Coaches have been instructed this season not to attempt to approach the monitor, which is placed near their benches but is intended for the exclusive use of the on field TV analysts.

The Maritzburg United coach left his bench to go the monitor to see whether referee Abdul Ibrahim had been correct in awarding Chiefs a late penalty, which central defender Jonathan Quartey had saved by Maritzburg’s debutant goalkeeper Hunter Gilstrap.

Igesund at first feigned ignorance, telling reporters at a post-match press conference. “I didn’t get an explanation.”

But he later admitted: “I was so disappointed with the penalty decision that I walked towards the TV to see if it was correct. I wasn’t supposed to go there.”

Igesund will now have to sit in the stands for Maritzburg’s next two matches with his assistant Clinton Larsen taking over on the bench.

The ban on viewing replays of incidents on the TV monitor during both matches is designed to ensure emotions on the bench are not inflamed.

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