Row looms after new Jabu deal disclosed


Prosports’ Francesco Ferrieri disclosed to Kick Off earlier yesterday (Tuesday) that they had negotiated a possible deal for Mahlangu in the PSL at two different clubs.

However, shortly afterwards a statement was issued by Mahlanu stating that he had severed ties with Mike Makaab’s agency and was appointing Mabalane Mfundisi as his representative.

Responding to this news later, Ferreri told Kick Off that they would be meeting with Mahlangu and Mabulane on Thursday.

“We are sick and tired of players using us. Jabu signed an extension to his contract with Mike Makaab and so we are not going to take this lightly.

“We are definitely not going to sit back and let someone else take the glory,” he said with obvious reference to the fact that Jabu could soon be back playing in the PSL.

“I know who is behind this and we are definitely going to expose him. We are sick and tired of players coming to us and using us,” Ferreri added.

“We have been in this business for almost 11 years and know exactly what we are doing. I do not have to remind you what we have done for Jabu and all the players in our stable.

“This is going to affect Jabu and if he is thinking straight, he knows exactly what to do. We have not accepted the letter and will be meeting on Thursday.”

Mfundisi’s response to Kick Off is that they are well aware of the contract between the player and Prosport.

“We are not disputing its existence; but then a contract is an agreement that is bound to be terminated at some stage. This is what our lawyers are going to deal with. We are not prepared to talk further on the subject until our meeting with Prosport.”

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