Molefi Ntseki on 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar draw, Bafana Bafana in Pot 2


The draw, for which South Africa have been placed in Pot 2 out of four, will take place in Cairo at 19h00.

South Africa have not featured in the global tournament since 2010 when they hosted the event, and will soon know which countries they will face in the qualifiers for Qatar 2022.

"Look, we've got 40 teams in Africa and we are placed 13th on the continent. The top 10 teams are seeded so you will draw any of those top teams," Ntseki said at Harry Gwala Stadium on Friday night.

"Now of late we've seen there are no longer small football nations, all countries are actually working very hard to do well. So the respect you will give Tunisia, the respect you will give to Ghana, Nigeria is the same respect you will give to Namibia and Malawi.

"Because all of them deserve to be in the top 40 and they all want to qualify for the World Cup, so a good draw will be a draw where we are in a group of four teams.

"We have to work hard to profile them accordingly so that we can also do well in terms of winning our matches and going to the top 20 and to the top five.

"So the world cup qualifiers are more of a marathon. It's going to be very tough and we are expecting any of those 39 teams to play against."

The qualifiers will be played from 23 March 2020 to 12 October 2021 and five slots are available for Africa.

Pot 1
Algeria, Senegal, Tunisia, Morocco, Ghana, Egypt, Cameroon, Mali, DR Congo, Nigeria

Pot 2
Burkina Faso, South Africa, Guinea, Uganda, Cape Verde, Gabon, Benin, Zambia, Congo, Ivory Coast

Pot 3
Madagascar, Mauritania, Libya, Mozambique, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Niger, Central African Republic, Namibia, Guinea-Bissau

Pot 4
Malawi, Angola, Togo, Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Liberia, Djibouti