Ayanda Patosi crying after missing flight


The senior national team arrived in Khartoum, Sudan, earlier on Wednesday for the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier on Friday, but the Lokeren midfielder was not part of the travelling squad after missing two flights.

Patosi offered to buy his own ticket in order to make the trip, but Mashaba stopped him.

SAFA's Head of Delegation Ria Ledwaba, who is also in Sudan, confirms that Patosi missed not one but two flights.

"He was booked for the flight and the manager [Barney Kujane] spoke to him and he [Patosi] said the flight was delayed. The manager asked him if he had already checked in and he said yes he checked in, but the next thing he said he missed the flight. They booked again and he missed it again," Ledwaba explains.

Mashaba though, has pleaded that Patosi must not be 'harrassed' after the incident.

"Let's not harass him. Let's wait for him; we will have other camps and he will come and explain. He called me, but I didn't want to reveal all this things.

"He was crying and he said to me he was going to book a ticket out of his own pocket. I said, 'Hold on, hold on. Don't do it until we come back to you.' Money is scarce nowadays and we can't allow players to be buying their own tickets," Mashaba adds.

The coach further said that he will engage the player again, but as it stands Patosi will not be joining the team in Sudan.