SABC's complaints against PSL dismissed


Announcing this in a statement released today, Irvin Khoza, chairman of the National Soccer League adds that importantly, this binding decision confirms that the PSL never acted in bad faith and that the process it followed in securing the exploitation of its media and broadcasting rights has been entirely correct and justified.

The PSL was forced to respond on two occasions to the SABC applying to court for urgent interdicts attempting to prevent the PSL from going to market with its broadcast rights.

Khoza says in his statement that the co-operation of Fifa and the PSL has ensured the success of the TV deal, which will now mean that the PSL has achieved a quantum leap forward in sports terms and financial terms for football in South Africa.

“The PSL is now in a position, for the first time in its history, to contribute a substantial amount of money for football development including:-

  • A contribution to Safa for its development projects;

  • A contribution to corporate social investment projects;

  • Empowering the PSL staff and the PSL teams to undertake educational and training courses in football administration; and,

  • The empowerment of the South African Football Players’ Union.”

Khoza says that the PSL came out stronger from this process and its Invitation to Tender to all South Africa’s major broadcasters, was a great success. In particular, in issuing the ITT, the PSL realised the new media challenges in the global market and was able to structure its broadcast packages to take forward South African soccer to be on a par with global trends specifically.

  • Demanding sports production of the highest level and ensuring cooperation with our media partners to consistently raise the level of the TV football product.

  • Providing creative and practical leadership in the exploitation of PSL football content in new media especially the increasingly valuable mobile content and broadband internet.

  • Developing the League’s Content Management Systems to provide proper and consistent development of our product and content; and,

  • Leading the PSL through the changing and converging media markets.

“Indeed the graphics now employed by the PSL are considered to be among the best in World Football and we have been approached by the Fifa World Cup host broadcaster to provide our format and graphics for 2010.”

Khoza says the perception that was being given by the SABC over the past 12 months was that the PSL was intent on depriving the South African people of televised football could not be further from the truth.

The PSL was only looking to achieve fair value for its rights, and was committed to providing the best possible product for the greatest number of viewers.