Safa gets ultimatum over Vodacom play-offs


In an unprecedented move, furious officials from these outfits joined forces in Johannesburg late last week to discuss their grievances against the association.

And as a result of their solidarity, a memorandum voicing their concerns was sent to Safa CEO Raymond Hack.

Shamiel Kolbee, who represents the Western Cape’s Mr Price Parkhurst, has confirmed to that the meeting took place.

“I was part of the group that met like gentlemen,” he says.

“But Safa wasn’t very gentlemanly about this matter. We wrote them a very strong letter and have demanded a response by no later than 12pm on Tuesday April 22.

“We have spoken to Fifa, who have advised us not to go the legal route, but instead to first follow the correct channels. So we’ve asked Safa for a meeting, but if they don’t oblige, then something else will happen – we are all very serious about this.”

While officials from Rangers (KwaZulu-Natal), Mafube United (Free State), Soweto Panthers (Gauteng), Louisville Pirates (Northern Cape), Matatiele Professionals (Eastern Cape), The Dolphins (Limpopo), Batau FC (Mpumalanga) and Mothupi Birds (North West) anxiously await a response, Hack is still telling the media that Safa will not budge from their stance of giving only the regional winners a place in the play-offs.

“There were some radicals at the meeting who said, ‘Let’s nail Safa one time and forget about the letter’, but I didn’t want Safa to point fingers at us so I voted to go the non-legal way,” Kolbee adds.