SA's second string draws in Botswana


South Africa’s CHAN squad looked the better side as they could string together passes more confidently.

The visitors forced their opponents to commit many errors and the Zebras were under pressure from their fans and technical bench, who couldn’t help but show their disappointment every now and then when the Zebras made poor passes.

The South African defence looked more determined and attacked with more purpose than the Zebras, who despite playing two strikers upfront never troubled goalkeeper Jacob Mokhasi.

The South African coach Serame Letsoaka admitted at having changed his tactics.

South Africa didn’t allow the hosts to start their play from the back as they closed down the Zebras' defence quickly.

This forced the Zebras to resort to playing the long ball, which proved ineffective.

Zebras coach Colywn Rowe admitted that the South African side were underestimated and says his charges didn’t do well in the first half.

“The South African players are not that bad, they are all professionals unlike our players.

If we compare the players and the league they play in you will realise that the First Division maybe as good as the premier league.

"So a draw against them is not a bad as people think,” Rowe explained.

Letsoaka was happy with his charges because they played according to his plan and gave a much improved performance to the one they produced last Thursday, when they lost 2-1.