Satsa issues new 2010 warning


“We are hoping to have more than 300 000 visitors, all using electricity. The stadiums may have all the most wonderful generators in the world to broadcast the games, but will people come to South Africa to see them if they know they will be going back to hotels and guest houses with no power?” asked Satsa chief executive Michael Tatalias.

Tatalias said major building projects for 2010 were on tight deadlines and needed huge amounts of power to run.

“The building work on the stadiums is also going to be widely disrupted. We have to ask ourselves honestly if we can still do this,” he added. reported yesterday that the national electricity crisis and concerns over its impact on preparations for the 2010 World Cup are currently under the spotlight at Cabinet’s annual Lekgotla which is underway in Tshwane.

Government spokesman Themba Maseko has said that Cabinet will make an announcement of the decision taken with regards to power cuts and the concrete steps that need to be taken by government to solve this problem.

Concerns have been raised that that the Gautrain and other 2010-related construction projects could be affected by load shedding.