Schans slams negative publicity


This year’s tournament has been blighted by match-fixing claims from Schan’s Namibia and the Benin Republic with both reporting attempts to induce them to fix matches at the tournament.

There have also been complaints from Ghana coach Claude Leroy about the state of the pitches in addition to chaotic organisation and nightmares with accreditation.

But Schans declared that if these problems had happened in Europe, they would be given a more muted treatment.

“Africa has to learn that they need to bring positive news about football,” Schans told on Monday.

“There is too much news about match-fixing, about bad conditions of the grass (at the Accra stadium) and other kind of side points

“I advise African people to bring more news from the world of football; good football news.”

Schans insisted that the match-fixing case involving his team had been blown out of proportion.

“All over the world they have bad football news and in my view I think this match fixing case is an over-blown case. If the same happens in Europe, nobody talks about that. Nobody talks about the bad that happens in European football. But in Africa, it is big news.

“The African people must bring good football news to the people.”