Soccer City six months ahead of schedule


Referring to the frenetic pace at which work has been going on for the past six to eight months, and the fact that Fifa representatives are in the country to inspect a number of stadiums, he gave a glowing account of the progress so far.

“As we speak, we are watching the progress from Safa House. We’ve seen the pillars go up, and some of the platforms on which the seating is going to be put, have gone up. The roof has been ordered from Italy, and will be delivered around March next year, and then installed on the sites where work has been completed.

“People who are operationally involved in the delivery of the event, whether it be in the tournament or broadcasting sense, are in South Africa to take a look at the infrastructure.

“The inspection tour is not really to check on specific time-lines but is to make sure the technical requirements as per the construction of the stadiums are being adhered to.”

He told Radio Metro that besides inspecting the venues themselves, the Fifa contingent are also given presentations by host cities on transport, hospitality, accommodation, security and a number of other issues.

Yesterday the city of Johannesburg gave its presentation and this morning the Mother City will follow. The inspectors will also visit Port Elizabeth and Durban.

“When these visits take place, it is not as if the Fifa officials come here and look at the situation, and walk away. On Wednesday, in Durban, they will be taken through our preparations for the World Cup draw that is going to take place on 26 November 2007.

“On Thursday, the people working in the marketing and media space are going to stay behind because the commercial partners of the sponsors will be interacting with the representatives of the host cities. And this is something we do every second month.”

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