Robson Muchichwa worried about Kaizer Chiefs in Soweto Derby


The two arch-rivals face each other once more in South Africa's biggest football fixture at FNB Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

"Ja no, it's a big one man, it's a big one," Muchichwa tells

"But one is worried because one team, one side is not doing well. Ja I'm just worried about that. You know football is a funny game, you understand mfethu [my brother]? Because now it's another game and anything can happen, you understand? Because no one can predict ukuthi uzowina [you are going to win]. But ja it's a funny game, anything can be possible.

"I think for me it's not up to the coach [for Chiefs to get a win], not up to the management, it's up to the players now, they need to pull up their socks. They need to know why they are there. They need to die for the team, double up the effort because at the end of the day you can continue chasing coaches, pointing to the management.

"You know to be there signed by Kaizer Chiefs, only to put that signature... that's an honour for you as a player and when you go to the pitch you need to go and die. It's a team with a huge history behind it so it's so difficult to maintain that history.

"For me it's a challenge for these young boys, they need to maintain that thing, it has been happening for years now. I think at the moment when we talk of Pirates they've got a team, when we talk of Chiefs yes they've got a team, they are going to disturb some of the teams in the league this and that... they will never win a league. That's not a team to win a league for me."

Muchichwa is critical of the current Chiefs team but reminds the players that it is up to them to prove him wrong and make history on Saturday.

"The weekend game the whole world will be watching. If it was me I would sleep six hours early before the day of the game to rest myself... in this game you can be a hero," he adds.

"For me Pirates have got an upper hand for this game. I'm so worried about the [Chiefs] goalkeeper [Virgil Vries], he is a good keeper but not for Chiefs. If he can go to abo [Golden] Arrows or Free State Stars he will do well. I don't know if they will field the new keeper [Daniel Akpeyi] or what and if he is going to gel well with the defence... for me Pirates got an upper hand in this Derby."