Super Eagles start closed door sessions


The squad were given Sunday morning off, but afternoon training was done behind closed doors and Super Eagles media co-ordinator Idah Peterside told that the coach was working on tactics and that it would stay that way until the squad leave for Ghana in three days time.

“Sunday's training session was a closed door affair. The coach has started working on tactics with the players to get them to ready.

“This is the only time they will have to do so because when they get to Ghana, there will be little opportunity for really closed door sessions, so we will do this until we leave.”

Peterside added that despite the fact that the coach has started tactical work, there was still very little indication of what his starting line up will be.

“He is working with then on what he expects from them and trying different players in different situations and positions. But right now the only person who really knows what his starting line-up will look like is Berti.”

Meanwhile, when the Super Eagles leave Malaga for Ghana on Wednesday, they will be sporting designer suits courtesy of Coca Cola, the official beverage of the senior national team.

NFA chairman Sani Lulu Abdullahi was in Malaga at the weekend to visit the players, and while wishing them good luck, he informed the team that they would turn out in suits henceforth whenever they travel, and that this has been made possible by the soft drinks giants.

The NFA chairman is expected back in Nigeria on Monday.