Swaziland may be forced to play in SA


Swaziland’s only national stadium, Somhlolo, has been declared unfit by FIFA inspector Frank Vladermaca who was in the country this week.

Somhlolo has been revamped with an artificial turf, however stadium, according to Valdermaca, does not meet Fifa standards.

“If Swaziland still wants to stage their home games, they may have to play in South Africa where there are some good stadiums that will comply with Fifa standards,” Valdermaca told Kick Off after his inspection.

Vladermaca also expressed concern about the country wanting to cater for the 2010 World Cup participants, says that while accommodation facilities were ‘okay’, there was lack of those for training.

Swaziland’s director of Sports and Culture Maswazi Shongwe condemned the Fifa official for his utterances.

“The man has no mandate to tell us that our stadium is not fit to host international games. He is just a mere inspector and is not part of the Fifa executive,” Shongwe told Kick Off.

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