Ashley Hartog set for a move to the National First Division


Hartog is now a free agent after the expiry of his short-term contract at Ajax Cape Town and is now faced with a possible return to first division football five-and-a-half years since he last played in that league in the colours of FC Cape Town after returning from Belgium.

“A few teams in the first divisions have already called me,” the 34-year-old tells “I wouldn’t mind playing in the First Division again, but for now I am waiting on my agent to guide me on the way forward.

“I have played in the first division before so it will not be strange at all for me to play there again.”

Hartog made just four appearances for the Urban Warriors since his January move from Martizburg, yet says he understood the club’s culture before he joined.

“I already knew about what kind of club they are when I joined them,” he said. “Their interests are more on youngsters so they want to give a chance to a lot of the younger boys who they will then sell on in the future."