Mbabane Swallows coach Vilakati defends Bloemfontein Celtic trialists Badenhorst, Ndzinisa


The two Swazi players trained with Phunya Sele Sele for over a week but returned to Swaziland on Monday, with Celtic CEO Khumbulani Konco telling that, “they are not what we are looking for”.

However, Swallows coach Thabo Vilakati says the pair can hold their heads up high.

“They did not fail but Celtic failed them. They are good players but the Celtic coach wanted a certain calibre under his leadership. They did not fit in his playing style otherwise they can play for any team in the PSL,” Vilakati says.

“We are proud of our players, the fact that they were considered for trials means they are good. We welcome them back in the Swallows family as we prepare for the upcoming season. This is not the end of the world; they should be strong and be focused.”

Vilakati suggests that there must be more to the duo missing out on signing with Celtic.

“I repeat they did not fail. These days politics are involved in football where agents play dirty games over the transfer of players,” he concludes.

In response to these claims, Celtic’s media officer Sello Nduna says the two players were simply not better than what the club already has.