Zambia wants to revert back to old kit


The Zambian squad has been wearing an all-white kit of late.

But the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Sport, Bob Samakai, is calling for a return to the copper-coloured jerseys last used in the late 1990s.

“Not so long ago, Zambia was identified at major tournaments because of the copper strip,” Samakai told BBC Sport.

“Patriotism among players is supposed to start with the jersey they wear, followed by the national anthem.”

Copper is the country’s largest natural resource and accounts for most of Zambia's foreign currency earnings.

The copper-coloured strip helped to earn the national team its nickname of ‘Chipolopolo' meaning ‘Copper Bullets’.

Samakai says the white kit has no patriotic value and that white does not feature on their flag.

Zambia still wear a more familiar green kit occasionally, with the colour depicting the country's vegetation.

“Look at Germany, Brazil, South Africa and Cameroon, you can’t miss them when they are at tournaments,” he said.

Zambia were runners-up at the 1994 Nations Cup, and play in Group C at the 2008 edition in Ghana with Cameroon, Egypt and Sudan.