Zille salutes construction workers


That’s according to city mayor Helen Zille who marked the first anniversary of when excavations began by returning to the site on Wednesday.

“To all the critics and cynics who thought Cape Town could not do it, the evidence that they are wrong is here for them to see for themselves. I hope that this stadium will be a symbol to show that South Africa can get it right,” she said.

Surrounded by several hundred construction workers, Zille was clearly impressed with the progress that has taken place. She told snl24.com/kickoff that enormous hurdles had been cleared to get this far.

“Yes, there were times when it was touch-and-go; times when I wondered whether it would ever happen.”

With the project now one third complete and on schedule, Zille saluted national government, the joint venture construction companies, Murray and Roberts and WBHO, the 2010 Local Organising Committee “and Danny Jordaan in particular”.

Zille also met several workers and thanked them personally for their efforts.

Zille’s visit came just days after Joe Paahla, director general of the government’s 2010 unit, raised concerns about state of preparations at Green Point and other 2010 venues.