African nation set to launch joint World Cup bid?


An African nation is reportedly set to take part in a joint bid to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup.

The prestigious competition has a long history stretching all the way to 1930, when the inaugural World Cup took place in Uruguay.

Despite the tournament being 92 years old, South Africa is the only country from the African continent to have enjoyed the privilege of hosting the competition to date.

However, this could be set to change as joint bids to host the tournament allow for two or three nations to share the burden of requirements that is needed to host a World Cup.

According to The Times, Saudi Arabia are set to announce a joint bid to host the 2030 World Cup alongside Greece and Egypt, one that would see the tournament again taking place in the middle of the European season.

It is claimed the bid is imminent following discussion at a government level, with the Saudis understood to be the leading partner who will also contribute to infrastructure costs required by the co-hosts.

Bidding for the 2030 edition of the showpiece is expected to be a fierce affair, with the United Kingdom and Ireland already abandoning such a proposal earlier this year as Europe's lead bid backed by UEFA is likely to be a joint Spain-Portugal tournament.

It is also believed the Premier League and other top European divisions are likely to oppose the Saudi bid if the tournament will disrupt their league campaigns, similar to the way the showpiece in Qatar this year will. 

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However, the Saudis' attempt at a three-pronged bid could unsettle the UEFA-backed candidates as it would likely draw support from Asia, Africa and even some European nations.

South America are also set to launch a bid for the 2030 tournament, with it coming exaclty 100 years after the first competition held on the same continent in 1930.

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