Country's vice president starts for club Inter Moengoapoe aged 60

Ronnie Brunswijk
Ronnie Brunswijk

In a bizarre turn of events, a 60-year-old vice-president of a South American country started in a continental cup match on Tuesday night and played almost an hour as his side suffered 6-0 defeat. 

Deputy president of Suriname and club owner of Inter Moengotapoe Ronnie Brunswijk started the game for his side’s CONCACAF League match against Honduras outfit Olimpia on Tuesday.

Brunswijk, who has been the country’s vice president since 2020, also captained the side as the middle-aged politician played 54 minutes before being replaced while his club was 3-0 down. 

The South American side was eventually defeated 6-0, though Brunswijk reportedly completed 14 of his 17 attempted passes.

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According to Goal, in 2005, the Moengotapoe owner was suspended for allegedly threatening a player with a gun during a match, however, his suspension was not upheld due to a reported lack of evidence. 

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