Cristiano Ronaldo rape case details to be revealed?


Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly in the midst of a battle to prevent documents from the case of alleged rape against him being made public. 

Former model Kathryn Mayorga accused the footballer of sexually assaulting her in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2009, during his first spell as a Manchester United player.

These claims were then settled out of court 11 years ago, with Mayorga reportedly receiving £375 000 (R7.7 million) from the forward. 

In 2018, Mayorga then moved to have the settlement overturned in a civil case, arguing that she signed it under duress, with "privileged documents" pertaining to the case being sent to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD).

In October, though, US Magistrate Judge Daniel Albregts recommended that those charges from Mayorga should be dropped, reaching a finding that her lawyers had conducted themselves inappropriately when they got hold of the documents, which were alleged to have been hacked from Ronaldo and his lawyers before being passed to Mayorga's legal team.

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However, according to The Athletic, US publication The New York Times (NYT) is now attempting to gain access to the case file containing those documents held by the LVMPD.  

This decision has not gone down well with Ronaldo's camp, who are reportedly trying to block the public disclosure of the file, with the NYT believed to have submitted a request earlier this year claiming there is an obligation to release the documents to the public under the legislation of the Nevada Public Records Act. 

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Per the Daily Mirror, the police department wrote to Ronaldo's attorney in November indicating that they will disclose the file, and they subsequently received a response later that day. 

It was stated in the response that the file "contains documents provided to Metro (LVMPD) by the alleged victim's current lawyer, which are privileged, attorney-client communications and work product that opposing counsel should never have had in the first place". 

It remains to be seen if the documents will be turned over to the NYT. 

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