Chelsea boss Antonio Conte hits back at Manchester United's Jose Mourinho over match-fixing talk


The Blues boss recently came under criticism from his Manchester United counterpart over match-fixing claims, with Conte having previously been accused, and exonerated, of cheating while with Siena in Italy.

The Italian did not take kindly to Mourinho’s comments, though, and hit back at the Portuguese by calling him a “little man”, and the Chelsea boss insists he stands by his comments.

"Do I have the look of a person with regret? I don't think so," said Conte.

"I think we both said things, and we'll see what happens in the future."

Asked if the League Managers' Association should step in an help the managers mend bridges, Conte said: "I think it's not important, the association, you understand. It's not important.

"He said serious words, he has used serious words. And I won't forget this.

"This is not a problem for the club, it's a problem between me and him. Now I stop. Stop."

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