EPL players to boycott social media in fight against racism

Chris Smalling
Chris Smalling

Manchester United defender Chris Smalling has backed the Professional Footballers Association’s (PFA) campaign to boycott social media for 24 hours in a bid to fight racism.

The PFA encouraged players to post a #Enough graphic on their social media platforms in an attempt to pile pressure on social media companies and sport governing bodies to tackle this curse.

Smalling also weighed support to the cause after his teammate Ashley Young received racial abuse from Twitter users following their Champions League defeat to Barcelona.

“Throughout my career I have developed a thick skin against verbal abuse, justifying it as just part of the game, but the time has come for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to consider regulating their channels,” Smalling said.

Racial gesticulations have forced players such as Watford captain Troy Deeney to disable the comments feature on their Instagram account.

“On Friday, we are sending a message to anyone that abuses players or anyone else whether from the crowd or online, that we don’t tolerate it within football.

“The boycott is just one small step, but the players are speaking out within one voice against racism,” Deeney said.

The PFA added the boycott campaign is the ‘first step in a longer campaign to tackle racism in football’.

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