Former star slams Man Utd


The Red Devils currently sit eight points adrift the top four ahead of Sunday's big showdown against league leaders Liverpool at Old Trafford.

Ince has previously criticised manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but has now had a go at the men about the Norwegian.

“I don’t understand what’s going on,” said Ince. “I’d ask one question: In which direction is the club headed?

“Are they going to blood the kids? I don’t know. Are they going to give Ole £300million in the transfer window? I don’t know – nor do the supporters.

“Now, if the youngsters from the academy can’t bridge the gap to the first team, then the executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward needs to take some pressure off Ole and explain how they are going to get back on the up.

“He’s come out and given Ole a vote of confidence recently, but the fans want to know what the plan is.

“If he’s going to give youth a chance, tell them. If not, tell them – but please give them something. From where I’m standing, they’ve got nothing.

“And I don’t see it improving massively before they can do something in the January window. The situation they have – the lack of goals – was entirely avoidable.

“They’ve had all summer to address it. And now it could get worse before it gets better.

“Everyone is looking at the game against Liverpool, but I think a lot depends on the next two matches – against Norwich City and Bournemouth .

“There’s clearly a lack of confidence and leadership. No one is barking orders at anyone. When Newcastle scored their winner a couple of weeks ago, no one said a word.

“Harry Maguire tries, but where are those leaders demanding standards are maintained?

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