Mohamed Salah: The truth about me & Sadio Mane at Liverpool


Liverpool and Egypt superstar Mohamed Salah has revealed the inside details on the speculated tension between him and teammate Sadio Mane. 

There have been rumours around the two African stars' relationship at Anfield for a while now, with it being claimed by some that the pair do not see eye to eye or look to pass the ball to each other on the field of play as often as they could. 

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These claims stem from an incident back in 2019, in a game against Burnley. The Senegalese forward was visibly upset after Salah had taken a shot and failed to convert when Mane seemed to be in the better position to score if the pass was made. 

This was followed by an outburst from Mane when he was substituted, and since then rumours of tension between them have abounded.

The Pharaohs superstar has now revealed the exact nature of their relationship. 

"We are teammates on the pitch and in the dressing room, we have a very professional relationship. We both give everything we have to help the team win," Salah told MBC Masr TV. 

"Maybe we're competing to show who is the best, and this is normal in any team and a legitimate right for any player, but in the end, we serve the team. 

"Sometimes we're selfish in some plays, but no one puts their interest above the team.

"It's not intentional, whether from me or him, perhaps there was some tension in a previous match and now everyone tries to associate everything with it. 

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"It was in a match [referring to the Burnley match] where Sadio left the pitch angry. This was the first time people talked about this matter and linked every ball that I didn't pass to him or he didn't pass it to me to this situation.

"But Sadio assisted my goal two games ago and I assist him as well. 

"We spend a lot of time together and our relationship is good and very respectful, we never had a disagreement or a fight off the pitch.

"Sometimes I feel, in matches, that I did not get enough help, and the same is true of Sadio Mane, these are his feelings and I cannot control them, and the same applies to me." 

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