Scott McTominay fires back at 'McFred' critics


Manchester United midfielder Scott Mctominay has responded to the criticism directed at himself and Fred by club legends.

Former Red Devils stars Roy Keane and Paul Ince have both been critical of the midfield-pairing during Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's reign at the club over the past two seasons.

However, McTominay says you have to be thick-skinned and just get on with the game when dealing with critics.

"Sometimes games are difficult. We have had difficult moments this season as a squad, and us both as individuals, that's part and parcel of the game," the Scotland international told Sky Sports News.

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"I have got nothing else to say other than I give absolutely everything... I am trying my best to improve, to learn.

"A new coach has come in and I am doing everything that I can possibly do.

"You just have got to get on with it and be thick-skinned.

"People can say what they want but ultimately it's me that's in my own head, and I know what I am doing behind closed doors is the best thing."

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