Thomas Tuchel hits back at Antonio Conte's Romelu Lukaku remarks


The Belgian striker has hit a bit of bump after an encouraging start to the season with Blues, having not scored in his last five matches.

Conte claimed that the Blues were not utilising Lukaku to the best of his abilities after their defeat to Juventus in the UEFA Champions League.

Tuchel did not fully agree with the Italian's comments, claiming that was just one game where Lukaku was isolated.

"He [Conte] was obviously not on the telly after the Tottenham game," Tuchel told the club's official website.

"Of course, if you watch this game against Juventus isolated, he is right on that point and he's obviously in the TV studio to analyse this one game - so he's right, no discussion about it.

"But it's not a general thing. If you watch the other games he's maybe not right. I don't feel offended. I even saw [him on TV] while I was showering before the match in the hotel."