Ryan Giggs says he is in no hurry to become a manager at a new club


The former United midfielder ended a 29-year association with the Old Trafford club last month, following the appointment of Jose Mourinho as the club's new manager.

The Welshman has already been linked with a number of vacancies, most recently Hull City after the exit of Steve Bruce, but says he is happy to bide his time before taking up a top job.

"I have been keeping myself busy coming here and doing some media work and I am quite happy and relaxed.

"It is similar to when I finished playing, there was a disappointment but also I was relieved on my body for what I had done for 25 years. So, there is a little bit of relief so I can step back and if the right offer comes, I will jump on it.

"I am not in any rush, but at the same time I don't want to leave it too long."

Asked if he had any offers on the table at the moment, he added: "No. I've just been enjoying myself. I did a bit of media work during the Euros and now have come here to be in the Premier Futsal."