Goalkeeper sent off for hitting teammate


An Irish goalkeeper was sent off after a moment of madness when he hit out at his own teammate in a blind rage during a match on the weekend.  

It is very rare that you see two players from the same team fight with one another, but exactly that happened during a match in Northern Ireland on Saturday.    

During a tie between Glentoran and Coleraine, goalkeeper Aaron McCarey was given his marching orders after bringing the game into disrepute when he lashed out at one of his own colleagues. 

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The incident occurred when Coleraine's Cathair Friel placed the ball beyond the goalkeeper to make the score 2-2 in the 79th minute.

Seemingly in response to the conceded strike, the livid shot-stopper ran towards defender Bobby Burns and struck him to the ground.  

Per the Daily Mail, Burns had made an error in the build-up to that goal, which is why McCarey directed his anger at him.

Fellow Glentoran players Patrick McClean and Rhys Marshall had to step in, with the former even throwing the ball at his goalkeeper in an attempt to bring an end to the drama. 

You can see the moment of madness from the 40th second of the video below:

In a post-match interview, Glentoran manager Mick McDermott attempted to brush off the incident.

"I've only seen a close angle on an iPad and I can't zoom in on it," McDermott said after the final whistle. 

"When I can't get our analysis cameras, there's a zoomed out version, I'll have a look at it.  

"Aaron has come into the dressing room and said he shouldn't have done it, he has held his hand up and Bobby Burns the same.

"They're both gutted with what happened, so, look, we'll deal with it. I spoke to Bobby and he said he didn't strike him in the face. There was no contact with the face. 

"Until I see the footage, I can't give you my opinion of it. Bobby confirmed in the dressing room, I actually brought him into my office. 

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"He said there was no contact with his face but when he fell back he hit his head on the grass and that was the reaction. 

"Nobody falls out, they're all grown men. It's an incident that shouldn't have happened, and now we move on. There's no news. Two players got in a row, it's happened before, it's not nice but it's happened and we move on. 

"We have rules and protocols, procedures and disciplinary actions. If it's proven it's violent conduct, we'll have to consider the consequences.  

"I think, for me, talking to our players... the disciplinary stuff we deal with all the time. I'm not going to blow it up into a major incident."

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