Neymar: It was set up for me to join Real Madrid


Brazil and Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar has revealed why he quit a trial with Spanish giants Real Madrid when he was younger.

The Brazilian has enjoyed a successful career so far, having won numerous trophies at Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain over the last decade.

Things could have been a little different if he had ended up joining Barcelona's fierce rivals Real Madrid, but he reveals he left the trail after being homesick.

"When I was 10 Real Madrid invited me for a try-out. I was thrilled, I was so happy, I watched their practice. It was during the Galacticos era. I watched their game," the 30-year-old has told the Fenomenos podcast.

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"I watched a game and I think all the goals were scored by Brazilians. I think two by Ronaldo, one by Robinho and a free-kick from Julio Baptista and another by Roberto Carlos.

"After the game I got a picture with all of them. I was over the moon. I stayed there for a week, for the try-out. It lasted for four of five days. On the fifth day they wanted to take me to a championship being held in Barcelona MIC Cup but I quit. I got really homesick and I wanted to go back home.

“It was pretty much all set up for me to play at Real Madrid but then I got back."