Player injured while eating a carrot


In what can only be described as the strangest of circumstances, a Swedish footballer has been sidelined for a few weeks after reportedly breaking his jaw while eating a carrot.  

Every day, footballers actively train and play in matches, with their clubs' respective medical staff constantly measuring their performance levels to prevent injuries, but it can safely be assumed that nobody saw this injury coming.

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According to The Sun, a Swedish footballer by the name of Rami Kaib had taken a knock to his jaw during a league match for Dutch side Heerenveen a short while back.

However, having continued to train and play after that, he proceeded to worsen the initial injury recently when he decided to eat a carrot, resulting in the player breaking his jaw.   

"Kaib got a big knock on his jaw during a game a while ago," Omrop Fryslan reporter Roelof de Vries told RTV Noord.

"He just continued training, and of course eating. 

"Well, he ate a carrot and that carrot was quite hard. 

"And then, crack – broken jaw. A carrot!" 

The unfortunate injury is said to have ruled the left-back, who started in his club's first two Eredivisie fixtures of the 2021/22 campaign, out for a few weeks as he will have to wait for the fracture to heal before he can resume playing.

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