Roger Milla gives Cameroon special broom


Roger Milla recently surprised the Cameroon national team with a special broom ahead of the host nation’s opening fixture.  

The Central African nation got the tournament off to a good start with a 2-1 win over Burkina Faso on Sunday with captain Vincent Aboubakar providing scoring a brace.  

A day before the tie, Cameroon's social media team showed off a video of Milla providing the team with a traditional symbol.  

Scroll through the gallery above to see Cameroon in action against Burkina Faso

According to the journalist, this broom is a "fly chaser" which represents "a symbol of victory of the wise men of the Afanloum clan in the Mefou & Afanba Division in the central region of Cameroon".

The African legend also recently made the headlines for different reasons when he decided to slam Morocco and Egypt for allegedly attempting to postpone the competition.  

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“The supporters of the FIFA program are the nations of North Africa because they always spoil things! They always cause chaos,” the 69-year-old told TV5 Monde. 

“Sorry, Morocco or Egypt or whatever, I say to them here as a brother.  

“This is not normal.  

“If they are not Africans, let them leave the continent and play in Europe or Asia. Do not cause chaos on the African continent. 

“They have always grown up on the African continent. We accepted them, they were successful, so today they have no reason to speak ill of other countries in Africa, this is not normal.” 

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