UEFA to launch new club tournament?


Despite constant complaints from managers about the number of matches footballers play these days, UEFA are reportedly considering launching another new club tournament. 

European football's governing body is set to ruffle some feathers with a proposal for a new four-team tournament made up of UEFA Champions League clubs. 

Under the reported plan, teams will compete in the competition prior to their domestic and European campaigns, with the tournament likely to be held in one city. UEFA will also look to take the showpiece to continents outside of Europe, such as North and South America, Africa and Asia. 

It is said the four-team contest could act as an alternative to the lucrative pre-season tours that often see top-flight teams travel to multiple destinations on different continents.  

Any new tournament would have to be more financially beneficial than the existing pre-season tours for the clubs who do take part, though, and the prospect of more meaningful matches in foreign countries to play is set to divide teams and managers who have already expressed concern about the workload and fatigue players currently face. 

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp recently dismissed another proposal to play 10 UEFA Champions League matches instead of six in the group stage of the tournament. 

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"They showed it to me the whole idea, and I said I don't like it as there's 10 games instead of six and I've no idea where we will put them in," the German tactician said earlier this week.  

"Maybe UEFA will ask for a cup competition to get cancelled or have 18 teams in the league."

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