What is SNL24? 

SNL24 is the new home of Soccer Laduma, Daily Sun and KickOff. Each brand can be navigated on its own, while the SNL24 homepage includes the best stories from all three on one page.

Why should I sign up to SNL24?

While anyone can read the stories on SNL24, there are advantages to creating a profile and signing up. People who sign up can comment on stories, see traffic alerts, save stories and subscribe to free newsletters. Signing up takes only a minute, and you don’t have to sign in each time you open SNL24.

How do I sign up to SNL24? 

Click on the yellow “Sign up for FREE” button. You can sign up using any of the social sign-in options provided or by entering your email address and password. If you have previously signed up and forgotten your password, please click on the 'Reset password' or 'Create a password' link to continue. If you signed up using social sign-ins, you must continue signing in using the social media buttons below, you must not enter the email address associated with the registered social media account as it will be recognised to already exist on our platform.

Will I still be able to access SNL24 if I have not signed up? 

Yes. You will still be able to read all the articles from Soccer Laduma, Daily Sun and KickOff on SNL24. But to comment on stories, get traffic alerts, see weather in your area and subscribe to newsletters, you would need to sign up.

Still need help? Call 0873 531 308 or email [email protected]