Mamma Mia! Kim K Stuns With Retro Football Style

Kim Kardashian in a retro AS Roma jersey.
Kim Kardashian in a retro AS Roma jersey.

Kim Kardashian's new love of vintage football jerseys is taking the trend to a new level in streetwear. 

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What's the story?

Over the weekend, a picture of Kim Kardashian wearing a 90's AS Roma jersey was doing the rounds on social media.

Kim K's new love for the football cultural niche kickstarted when she was spotted in a vintage PSG top. 

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Let's take a look at how she's spearheading the vintage football trend in streetwear.

Kim Kardashian's in vintage football jerseys

Over the last few years, the collection of vintage jerseys has been seen as a cool, and almost hipster way of engaging with the beautiful game. 

The classic jersey market is booming, not only for styling purposes but also for football fans who simply find the pleasure in collecting kits from the past. 

This vintage-obsessed bubble extends to the comeback of analog cameras and vinyl records. Social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram are filled with second-hand jersey sellers and brands such as Classic Football Shirts in the UK are also profiting heavily from this trend. 

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Kim Kardashian is not only a reality TV mogul, but also a well-respected fashion trend-setter and her engaging in this formally niche trend takes it to a completely new level. 

Over the weekend, she was spotted alongside NBA star, Tristan Thompson, who has a child with her younger sister Khloe Kardashian, wearing a 1997-98 AS Roma Home jersey. 

Kim K wearing the retro shirt invited plenty of buzz, which saw the official AS Roma Instagram page posting her and inviting the polarising celeb to visit the Stadio Olympico the next time she finds herself in Rome: 

Previously, Kim was seen in public with three of her younger children, wearing a rare early 2000's PSG top.

It's unclear whether she was influenced by her supermodel little sister, Kendal Jenner, who's been spotted in a vintage Juventus jacket in the past, or her close friend Drake, who's donned an array of football gear - most recently a Napoli jacket. 

Whether she was influenced by someone else or not, the power that Kim wields in the fashion industry could see the consuming of retro football reach a point of no return. 

Fashion brands such as the controversial Balenciaga and Italian fashion house Gucci have already dabbled in designing their own iterations of retro-inspired jerseys, which shows that this trend is set to sky-rocket in 2023. 

Scroll through the gallery to view Kim K and Kendall Jenner in vintage footy gear: 

Kim Kardashian styling in a vintage PSG jersey.
Kim Kardashian styling in a vintage PSG jersey.
Kim Kardashian in a retro AS Roma jersey.
Kim Kardashian in a retro AS Roma jersey.
Kim Kardashian in a retro AS Roma jersey.
Kim Kardashian in a retro AS Roma jersey.
Supermodel Kendall Jenner in a vintage Juventus ja
Supermodel Kendall Jenner in a vintage Juventus jacket.

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