Dempsey Meets With Pulisic To Discuss FIFA 23 Cover

Clint Dempsey and Christian Pulisic on a special edition FIFA 23 cover.
Clint Dempsey and Christian Pulisic on a special edition FIFA 23 cover.

US Football legend Clint Dempsey met up with his country's current talisman to discuss their FIFA 23 cover.

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What's the story?

Clint Dempsey and Christian Pulisic linked up virtually to discuss their new FIFA 23 cover, the World Cup and growing up playing the sport.

Following the release for the World Cup mode on FIFA 23, EA introduced some brand-new special edition covers in celebration of the football showpiece.

They've created special edition FIFA 23 covers for 12 nations taking part in the Finals.

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Dempsey and Pulisic are on the US-themed version and are one of 12 new special edition covers. 

Dempsey x Pulisic 

Christian Pulisic would've been around 12-years-old when Clint Dempsey was carrying the US Men's side alongside Landon Donovan at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

12 years later, Dempsey will be cheering on the 24-year-old Chelsea baller and the rest of the US team at this year's World Cup in Qatar.

The duo spoke on a video chat to speak about their football upbringing in the states and Pulisic's upbringing in Europe, and their love for the game. 

Dempsey also shared some advice with Pulisic on how he should approach his first ever FIFA World Cup:

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