4 things we learnt about Khanyisa Titus

Khanyisa Titus
Khanyisa Titus

I have been in the media industry, behind the scenes, from 2009.

My experience kicked off while still at Rhodes – I wrote articles for newspapers such as Pretoria News, The Sowetan and The Herald, as vacation work. I continued doing this at establishments like Radio Channel Africa, SABC Radio News and eNews (now eNCA). After graduating, I wanted to explore TV; after dipping my fingers in so many pies within the industry, I had finally found my passion.

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My journey began in 2013 as an office administrator and production assistant at Moonlighting Films in Cape Town. I went on to fill producer roles at ANN7, Urban Brew Studios working on Live Amp, and as a third assistant director on drama Z’Bondiwe Season 1. Over the years, I also filled respective roles as researcher and production coordinator on SABC1 shows such as TOMz (Teenagers on a Mission) and Mnandi Me, as well as Moja Love TV’s Show Me Love and within a variety of smaller production companies.

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I plan on staying in the media and entertainment industry because I’ve always had passionate for it.

I would like to try my hand at being an MC, and on radio. If acting comes my way – I wouldn’t say no because I excelled in dramatic arts while in high school, even though I just never followed through with it. I also want to build myself as a black female entrepreneur. As a writer and producer, I’d like to develop and pitch more of my own content under my media production company, and create a long-lasting legacy as a well-known and successful brand.

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My past experience inspires and keeps me going.

I haven’t had the easiest journey in my career. I was faced with a lot of challenges that resulted in me resigning from a lot of jobs. I often questioned if this was indeed the industry for me, even though my heart said “yes” while my mind and the reality of my situations told me otherwise. Things were so bad that even with a Master’s Degree, I was considering going back to school to pursue a different degree so that I could follow a new career path and industry.

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The year 2018 was one of my toughest because I was unemployed and depressed.

I spent the whole year applying for a job, but with no luck. I literally cried throughout it  because I had no income and hope. I tried my hand at a plasma-screen advertising business where I bought everything with my savings, which eventually ran out. The business also didn’t pick up, and so I sold all my equipment so I could at least get some of my money back. Things really were tough!

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I often look at where I come from, and reflect on it all. Indeed, the waiting, uncertainty and struggle weren’t punishment. Rather, they were preparation for God to replace what I had lost with something I never imagined attaining. That pushes me to be the best I can be.

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