5 minutes with The River's Veronica, Ferry Jele

Ferry Jele
Ferry Jele

What was your first TV role or theatre role?

I entered the industry when I starred in a musical called Mild Stones, directed by Jerry Mofokeng. I was then cast on a  TV a show called Orlando, but I think my first major role was on Muvhago in 2002, when I portrayed an advocate called Sizakele Ndlovu.

What drew you to Veronica’s character on The River?

Veronica is a crazy woman! She’s a carefree yet very unscrupulous con artist [giggles]. I just wanted to have fun, which is all I’ve been doing since bagging the role. There aren’t any similarities between us, whatsoever! Except, maybe, that Veronica loves playing as much as I do. Otherwise, her make-up, wardrobe and mannerisms are don’t even come close to my personality. Being born and bred in the township has helped me bring more life to MaVero, because there’s a character just like her from the hood, so I draw from those personalities I used to watch while growing up.

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Name five things we don’t know about you.

  • I love flowers.
  • I love my space. I don't have a problem with spending time by, and with, myself
  • I love Indian cuisine – hot spicy food and curries are my thing.
  • I love cooking!
  • I love my family too much! I have two sisters and one brother. I’m the second-born. My siblings have taught me a lot about nurturing, kindness and consideration. 

Please tell us more about your experience of being on The River and working alongside Sindi Dlathu, Moshidi Motshegwa and other new talent.

It has been the most wonderful journey, compared to all the other acting roles I have had. It’s a lovely production to work for, and I’m acting alongside brilliant people. We have a transparent relationship with the director, where we can just sit, talk and have healthy conversations about work.

Sindi and I have done theatre productions together in the past, and we’ve also worked on Muvhango. So being on set with her again after so many years is absolutely wonderful!

The other person I got to work with and learn from, and I’m having such a great time with, is Moshidi Motshegwa and the other youngsters on set.

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Any advice for aspiring actors and actresses?

Get into the industry knowing exactly what you want. Establish whether you want to be famous, or if you actually want a successful career. Whatever it is that you decide, you need to put in the work because having talent and good looks are not enough.


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