5 reasons why every woman should go on a girls’ trip


It helps you reconnect

Long-distance relationships aren’t only limited to romantic partnerships, friends experience it too. Just as it sucks when your man is far away, so do your friends feel the pain when you aren’t close by. These trips are great for reconnecting and reminding you why you became friends in the first place.

A chance to live your best life

Vacations have a way of making people let loose, which is even more reason for you to pack your bags and book that flight. Friends bring out the best in us and these trips are excellent for creating memories to last you a lifetime.

Slow down

When you meet up for lunch or afternoon drinks, chances are you’re rushing somewhere afterwards. You never really get quality time to bond properly. On a girls’ trip time is the last thing on your mind, you could literally wake up at noon and no-one will judge you for it.

Sleepovers every night

Remember when you used to love sleepovers when you were young? Chances are nothing has changed, and a grown-up slumber party is much more fun. Imagine slipping into your comfortable PJs, a room full of your favourite people, snacks and lots of gossip, perfection right?

A break from daily responsibilities

The responsibility that women have to carry can be heavy and overwhelming if you don’t give yourself a break. This is the perfect time for you to let somebody else worry about the kids, work and family. That weekend is dedicated to only you and nothing else.

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