5 reasons you’re still single


Does it bother you that you’re single and all your friends are in relationships? It’s time to do self-exploration – maybe there’s a reason why people don’t want to be around you. Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 10.55.38 AM

  1. You are picky
People are not perfect, yet you expect ‘Mr perfect guy’. If you have those kinds of expectations then you’ll be waiting for a very long time. “Being picky is about focusing on traits and other details that look good on the surface,” dating expert Christie Hartman, explains in his book It’s Not Him, It’s YOU.  
  1. You are mean
No one wants to date a rude person. You don’t have to be too sweet but little things like “thank you” and “please” go a long way. You have to consider the other person before you say something. If you persist on being mean, girl you might be single for longer.  
  1. You’re unclear about what you want
It’s important to know what you’re looking for in a partner. If you don’t, you won’t know when you’ve found him or her. If you want a serious relationship, you have to be upfront about it in the beginning.  
  1. You still love your ex
It’s a bad thing to be still hung up on your ex. Your current partner will eventually found out and break up with you before even getting attached. Holding on to your ex keeps you from moving on.  
  1. You need to get over yourself
It’s okay to love yourself but don’t overdo it. It’s not about what you want all the time, so you need to start working towards caring more about someone else than yourself.
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