5 ways to balancing friends and a new man


Finding love can consume you, making you forget about about your friends and family.

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Communicate with your friends

It’s very easy to get caught up in your little love nest and forgetting about the rest of the world. You’re friends should know the type of person you are when in a relationship. But if they don’t, make sure you tell them to not feel shy to inform you when they start feeling neglected.

Discuss it with your partner

The idea here is not to make your man feel like you’re choosing your friends over him. This is to just make it clear that as much he’s in your life you still need your girfriends to keep sane.

Dedicate certain dates for your friends

Be it once or twice in a month, you need to plan and commit to your planned dates. This way both you and your partner are able to communicate your plans in time.

Commit to your dates

There’s nothing as canceling out on your girls for no reason at all. Remember, they love you just as your man does, so chances are they’re really looking forward to your outing. Ensure that whenever there’s a need to cancel, it’s only for emergencies and you’re honest about it.

Put yourself in their shoes

When friends bring this issue to your attention, be sure to listen and show sympathy. If tables were turned you’d probably feel the same way right? It’s also important to keep in mind that true friends are there for good and bad times. Don’t just need them when you’re in trouble, share your happy moments with them as well.

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