5 ways to handle break-up while living together

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So when you find yourself in this situation, here are ways to make your conversion from lovers to housemates more bearable.   

Respect each other’s space

When you were a couple you took your shared space for granted, but now that you've broken up, you're each going to need more privacy to deal with the breakup. Discuss times when you can agree to leave each other home alone so that you can be free to privately vent to friends and family on the phone.

Set ground rules

Remaining friends is fine, mature even, but make it clear that you won’t continue any romantic behaviour. While you're still living together, you may catch yourself falling into your old romantic roles and you may be tempted to have sex. So ground rules must be set, such as no more mutual showers, no getting drunk together, and no romantic movie nights.

Discuss money matters immediately

There are many decisions you will have to make. You need to get that awkward money situation out of the way. You need to discuss how you are going to handle your current bills, outstanding personal loans  and how groceries will be split but it always best to split the bills  according to pay checks. 

Get a social life

When you live with your ex, it’s going to be a lot harder to get over them, especially if you didn’t want the relationship to end in the first place. If you find it hard to be around your partner, spend less time at home. You need to maintain a social life, and come back to the conclusion that you’re still attractive.

Set a moving out date

Once you've decided who gets the apartment and who is moving out, setting a target date will keep you on track toward making a clean break. Continuing to live together while can be stressful and can turn you into an emotional wreck so the sooner you move out the better.

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