5 Ways to reduce expenses


Spending money is easy to do, but next thing you know, you’ve run out of money before your next pay, financial advisor Joel Levy shares 5 ways you can reduce unnecessary spending and save money.

1. Eat at home more, home cooked meals are often much cheaper the eating out at fast food restaurants. Pack lunch for the day instead of buying lunch, these extra expenses soon add up and can often be avoided.

2. Monitor cell phone use and where possible call after hours or on weekends when calls are cheaper.

3. Unnecessary clothes shopping should be kept to a minimum. It’s nice to have “more’’ clothes but its even nicer to have more savings.

4. Reduce smoking. Smoking and excessive drinking are not only bad for you but are a massive waste of money. If you want to go partying every now and then, that’s fine but keep within your budget.

5. Never go food shopping when you are hungry as you land up buying more then you would have bought had you gone shopping after you had something to eat. Food for thought.

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